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Light Hatha Flow

This 75 minute class is a slower paced class, designed to help people of all ages who may need to incorporate gentle modifications into their yoga practice.Students are taught to listen to their bodies and breath, and trust in the process. This is a great beginner class and also very good for those with past or present medical concerns, injury or illness. This practice is ideal for those seeking deep relaxation, slower pacing or for those new to yoga.

Friday's Flow to Gently Let Go

This 75 minute class offers a low to medium intensity vinyasa class where breath work is key. Slowly, you will feel yourself melting into a gentle restorative practice. Enjoy the weekly sequencing changes designed to balance breath and movement, while the repetitive elements ground and center you.

Calmed Lunar Flow

This 75 minute class is designed to move you from the business of your day to a calming, slower paced class. Lunar Flow Yoga (moon) is a sequential flowing practice that honors our cooler receptive nature. This is an excellent practice for those seeking a calming flow to their yoga practice.

Breath & Align Yoga

This class is open to students of all levels and offer accessible alignment principles and biomechanics from which students can arrive at a deeper understanding of anatomy and posture. Each class offers a short workshop-like segment in which specific postures or alignment principles are reviewed in depth.

5 Elements Yoga

This 60 min class incorporates some or all of the 5 elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky. This class is nurturing and rejuvenating with a focus on soft pacing and instruction. The fluid movements of this practice can be supportive to the joints and spine. It also offers the ability to be grounding, to create stability and strength to purify the body. A warmed practice allows for internal heat to build. Fire represents metabolism, heat and the practice of "tapas" or discipline.

Gentle Yoga

Open to all levels of practice and most abilities, this soothing class focuses on basic yoga poses, and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. You will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a slower pace, allowing ample time to enjoy each pose. Meditation and relaxation techniques are perfect for stress relief and overall well being. This is a 75 minute class.

Sunday Evening Bliss

Students of all body types, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome! We will begin with grounding meditations and centering breathwork, followed by a sequence of poses to release, reset, and recharge the body and mind. Students will work with the power of gratitude and intention as we begin and end each week together. This class is perfect for students who need a space to practice stillness, move with intention, connect with their highest self, and prepare for the week to come.

Playful Flow & Restore

Many yoga poses can be expressed with our active muscular energy or our passive fluid energy. Durin a yin/yang practice the body is taken on a journey, where you can lose yourself in movement before flowing into a deep meditative state of consciousness, as induced state of pratyahara (withdrawl) - leaving your mind clear and your body open and relaxed. Just as it is represented within the yin yang symbol, balance and harmony can integrate with body, mind, and spirit.